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Accommodation is just the start. Trade Fair Trips ltd understands how much effort goes into a business trip organization and helps you simplify the process. You can find guidance on the following fundamental aspects of all business travel arrangements:

Hotel Accommodation

Whether you’re searching for an economic solution or the best of the best, you can find it here. All brands, chains and locations – available at irresistible rates.


These are the perfect housing options for teams, which want to stay together and regroup after each event.


For businessmen who want some peace and quiet to recharge their batteries for a strong performance during their attendance, this is the right solution.

Airport Transfers

Saves yourself time arranging a transfer to your hotel on the spot and opt for a reserved shared or private transfer right to your hotel’s front door.


If you are the type to explore and be in charge of your own commute, be sure to tell us your car preference. We have it all – brands, models and colors to satisfy the woman or man who knows their cars.

Meeting Rooms and Facilities

Complete with favorable location, refreshments and the right equipment for the job, this service makes sure your presentation is a success on every level.

Public Transportation Details

Arrive in a new city with a battle plan ready and the vital information to navigate the new urban landscape as if you’ve lived here for years.

Exhibition Stand

Make an impression with a stand that belies quality craftsmanship and an impressive aesthetic. We can provide a stand that wins hearts at your event!

Are you ready to travel? Give us a call at +44 203 514 06 68 or write to us through our contact us page to help you along the way.

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